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Smash Burgers much more

Family owned, and proud to offer a wide range of tasty, freshly cooked American favorites!

The Cleveland Doghouse

Menu Favorites


100% high quality beef in a Bun
The Chili Dog

Hot Dog w/Homemade Chili, Cheese & Onions

The Slaw Dog

Hot Dog w/Homemade Coleslaw

The Sauerkraut Dog

Hot Dog w/Sauerkraut


Smash Burgers

Made with 100% smashed beef (6oz)
The Jim Brown Burger

Hamburger with Cheese (American or Provolone), Mushroom, A1 Sauce

The Robert Burger

Hamburger with 2 Cheese (American or Provolone), Bacon, Mushroom, Jalapeno, Coleslaw

The Paul Brown Burger

Hamburger with Swiss Cheese, Mushroom, Jalapeno, Sour Cream


Don't Forget About The Sides

No sandwich is complete without sides! Fries, Rings, Beans, Pickles!

We Got Your Sweet Tooth Covered

Hard Served Ice Cream

We Earn Our Reviews The Old Fashioned Way

Went there today for the first time and loved it. Will definitely be back!
Roger B
Went there today for the first time and loved it. Will definitely be back!
Tom K
Great food and staff!
Lydia W
They have the absolute best sausage and pepper/onions sandwich, especially when you can eat it on their outdoor patio!
Marianne D

Looking for your new favorite place to eat at?

Then come visit us for the best in town! Make sure to give our wings a try that are cooked perfectly! Hurry in and enjoy a great lunch or dinner with The Cleveland Dog House today!

The Robert Burger | The Cleveland Dog House | Brunswick Ohio
Fresh Ingredients

Everything made and cut fresh on the day. Only the best will do!

Quality Service

Owners that understand what service truly means. Staff that exemplifies it!

Locally Owned

Family owned and operated. Inspired by childhood Cleveland Dogs!